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Meeting in museum

On February 20 took place a meeting of employees of Samarskaya Luka National Park and guides from Samara. The meeting was held in Museum of Collections. Nikolai Strashnov, the director and creator of this unique place, told about the museum, how and where all exhibits were gathered. Also he told that you can listen to old vinyl records here, can try to do something at the studio, knock together a stool or birdhouse, create a film about environmental protection and so on. In addition, various exhibitions are organized here.

Then Irina Gubernatorova, the head of ecoeducation department, congratulated guides with their professional holiday and told the audience about the activities which are planned by the National Park on 2017. Guides are also interested in the issues of accreditation and visiting rules of the National Park.

This meeting was very positive and intense.

National Park thanks Nikolai Strashnov and Oksana Lareshina for the organizing of this event.

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