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Regional seminar for teachers

On February 21 in the House-Museum of the Fox was held a regional seminar for teachers of educational institutions. It was dedicated to the role of Protected Areas in the educational process and educating the younger generation. in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Reserved areas system and the Year of Ecology. And this event was organized by the National Park and Zhigulevsk Resource Center of Samara region.

At the seminar was attended by over 40 teachers from schools, kindergartens and additional education institutions from 16 localities.

At the seminar the director of the National Park A.Gubernatorov told the audience about the history of the park, its formation, aims and existing problems. Deputy director for scientific activities E.Bykov talked about the 100-year history of the development of the Russian system of Protected Areas, and about the people who stood at the birth of the modern PA system. Deputy Director for ecological education M.Andrianova told about the activities which are planned by the National Park on 2017, and also shared her own experiences and told about the features of providing information about Protected Areas for children of different ages. Head of the scientific department S.Golovatyuk described the fauna of the region and described the methods of census of wildlife. The head of ecoeducation department I.Gubernatorova talked about environmental routes and trails of the National Park, as well as the peculiarities of children's excursions in natural areas.

Then the teachers asked their questions and went to the excursion of House-Museum of the Fox and LukAmorye Educational Complex. All teachers were given certificates from this event.

National Park thanks D.Klauzova, A.Dvirnik and G.Igoshin for the help in the organization of the seminar.


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