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Meeting on Mordovian land

From April 12 to 14, the regular meeting of the Association of National Parks and Reserved Areas of the Volga Federal District (PFD) took place on the basis of the Mordovskiy Reserve. About 60 directors and specialists from 15 specially protected natural areas (PAs), members of the Volga Federal District, took part in this event.

The meeting began with the welcoming words of the president of the Association Alexandr Egorovich Gubernatorov and the director of the Mordovskiy Reserve Alexandr Ruchin. This meeting was held in the format of a round table, the participants shared their experience in the space of environmental protection on their territory. There were discussed the questions of technical equipment of security departments, peculiarities of work with offenders and other problems of this sphere.

At the end of the meeting, several decisions were made: to organize a training seminar for employees of security deparments on the territory of the Bolshaya Kokshaga Reserve; to exchange information about judicial decisions taken in connection with offenses on the PFD PAs constantly; to hold a competition among state inspectors of the specially protected natural areas included in the Association.

Also, the participants of the meeting saw the infrastructure of the Mordovskiy.

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