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The geography of the Association is expanding

August 21-25 a meeting of the Association of National Parks and Reserves of the Volga Federal District was held on the basis of the Vishersky State Nature Reserve in Krasnovishersk.

This meeting was attended by directors and specialists from fifteen specially protected natural areas. Shortly before this meeting, the Chyornie Zemli (it means "Black Lands" in Russian) State Natural Reserve was joined to the Association. And it also participated in this meeting.

The theme of the meeting of the Association was organization of eco-educational and science-educational tours on PAs.

The meeting began with the welcome speech of Alexander Gubernatorov, the director of the Samarskaya Luka National Park, the president of the Association; and the speech of Pavel Bakharev, the director of the Vishersky State Nature Reserve.

Within the framework of this event a solemn opening of the new eco-path took place.

The experience that the participants shared with one another at the meeting will be used in practice by the members of the Association in their further work in the territory of the PAs.
The next meeting will be held in the spring in the Kerzhensky State Nature Reserve, which will be devoted to the sphere of scientific activity.

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