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National Park recruits the young people

The Samarskaya Luka National Park took part in the regional Labor and Career Week. This event is held for the eighth time. This year the event was supported by 530 institutions.

In the National Park pupils of the 7th classes visited the Fox Museum and the LukAmorye educational complex, during which the deputy director for environmental education M.Andrianova told how many people and of what professions participated in the design, creation and improvement these objects.

After this excursion, the children were shown a presentation with a brief overview of the activities of the National Park main departments. Then there was a meeting with the deputy director for the protection of the territory V.Ovchinnikov, who spoke about the state inspectors work. In conclusion, Alexandr Gubernatorov, the director of the National Park, told to the children how he got into this organization and what stages he came through to become a director.