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Rabies is deadly dangerous

We remind all visitors of the National Park that extreme caution should be exercised in communication with wild animals. You can not come close, pick up, try to stroke or feed the animals. Safe communication with wildlife is only possible through making photos.

If the animal itself approaches to the human - something is wrong with him. The reasons may be different.

Animals can beg the feed in the hungry winter and even go to the side of the road. Foxes do this for example. All the food they can get from people is harmful to their health. In addition, animals get used to the sight of machines and they are often hit by cars. Therefore, never encourage animals beggaring the feed and those people who feed them. You can only give a freshly caught fish to fox if you are a fisherman sitting by the fishing hole far from the road.

And especially note, ABSOLUTELY NO MILK FOR ANY ANIMALS! Don't believe the materials on TV or in other sources! A lot of adult animals have no ferments for processing milk and they can die if they eat this product! Young animals have ferments for processing milk, but only their mother's milk or goat milk in extreme case.

Often animals that approach to people are sick. And it is especially dangerous if they have a rabies, because It is a deadly disease for humans and pets. The main carriers of rabies in our area are foxes. But any other mammals can also be its carriers.

If you or your pet was bitten by a wild animal, if its saliva got on you or you contacted in any other way with an animal (even a dead one) - immediately go to the hospital.

Always remember, if a wild animal is not afraid of a human and comes close - this is deviant behavior!