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Environmental education in action

Employees of the environmental education department of the Samarskaya Luka National Park conducted a series of activities in schools of Zhigulevsk and villages of Samarskaya Luka.

March 22 a brain-ring dedicated to the Day of Water was held. This event was held on other days In some schools. At the end of this game, the winners were awarded diplomas and small prizes from the National Park.

In the same time the game lesson dedicated to the Birds Day was held for primary classes.

On April 19, the All-Russian campaign "The March of Parks - 2019" began under the motto: "Save the habitats of plants and animals!". This day the intellectual game about different habitats was held in the Samarskaya Luka environmental education center. Also the traditional Olympiad about Samarskaya Luka and National Park history, culture and nature took place within the framework of the March of the Parks action.

Also the National Park announced some regional competitions in honor of its 35th anniversary,: a children's drawing competition, dedicated to the Red Book of the Samara Region; a hand crafts contest and competition for the best slogan for “March of the Parks” action. The results of all competitions will be announced in May.

Also an active registration for excursions to the educational complex "LukAmorye" occurs.