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Black swans on Samarskaya Luka?

A few days ago, a couple of swans was brought to the Samarskaya Luka National Park. Petroleum completely covered birds’ body. The people who brought them, already tried to wash the birds, but it is not easy. Employees of the Park gave assistance to the swans immediately: they thorough wash the swans, set them in the warm and isolated aviary, called a veterinary service.

Despite the assistance provided, these birds may die at any time. The reason of that is the swans spent a long time in the petroleum sump, where the people had found them.

Now the birds are drinking water and trying to eat. The Park employees give them an absorbent, wipes the birds by sawdust with fine sand or clay every morning to clean the plumage from oil residue. The swans' condition is constantly monitored.

Of course, these birds suffered greatly - their skin is irritated, the plumage does not fulfill its functions. And it is not known how much toxic product got inside their organism before the birds were found.

We thank the caring people who rescued the birds, gave them first aid, brought them to the National Park, where the Park staff did everything possible to help the birds. Now it remains only to hope that these swans will survive.