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The tract Kamennaya Chasha (Stone Bowl)

All who were fortunate enough to visit Zhiguli , try visiting the wonderful area with the original name — Kamennaya Chasha, Stone Bowl . It is the name of a bowl-shaped widening of Shiryaevsky ravine at the confluence with the Stone ravine. One part of the Stone Bowl is within the boundaries of the national park " Samarskaya Luka" , the other belongs to Zhigulevsky Conservancy Area.

You can reach the Stone Bowl through a village Shiryaevo along the Shiryaevsky ravine. The very appearance of a spring in the area composed entirely of limestone, which has a property to absorb any rainfall, is astonishing; the water from the Stone Bowl is considered to be curative. Currently, near the spring stand a bath and a chapel of Saint Nicholas. For millions of years has been creating this unique place, for centuries  it served as a source of water for animals and humans, for many years it is a favorite destination of tourists and pilgrims.

The total length of the route from the checkpoint of the National Park — 8 km by a dirt road which runs along the border of the National Park and Zhigulevsky Conservancy Area. Then you walk 100 meters from the parking to the turn on track Stone Bowl. There are signposts, information boards and equipped place to get rest on the parking. In rainy days it is not recommended to visit this route by transport. Campfires are prohibited along the entire route. Visiting is possible both individually and as a part of a tour group.