Средне-Волжский комплексный биосферный резерват
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Mordovinskaya floodplain

It is an unique and the only water route of the National Park. This journey starts from the office of the National Park by bus then it continues on a small ship. The route allows exploring precious places of Mordovinskaya floodplain. In ducts and on numerous islands and islets grow rare and protected plant species, live a large number of waterfowls and birds nesting near the water, and bays are rich in fish. In the area of ​​the floodplain begins the channel Studenyy Eric lasting up to the village Koltsovo, which, according to legends, was named in remembrance of an ataman of Zhigulevskiye libertines Ivan Koltso.

During the trip, you will be able to reassess the historical events that took place on the Samarskaya Luka, to see the ancient villages Yermakovo, Vinnovka, Lbische. In a half a kilometer from the village Yermakovo you will see a huge cross and a chapel which grew underneath it into a brushy scarp. It was built over the crypt of a heroic captain of Russian-Japanese War (1904-1905) A.N. Lupov.

In the village Vinnovka a majestic panorama on a friary, built next to the old church of Mother of God of Kazan, opens to the travellers. Currently, the temple is beautifully renovated.

The program of the travel provides a stop on one of the sandy islands. Moreover you will try fresh-soup and hot-smoked fish from the fresh catch. There is a possibility of organization of recitals and dinners on the veranda on the bank of the floodplain.