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More than 15 million visitors

The Russian national parks and reserves can take more then 15 million visitors in 2015, the head of Minprirody of Russia Sergey Donskoy said during the meeting on the results and prospects of work on development of cultural tourism in protected areas of federal significance.

Today, the number of visits is only 8 million per year although recreational opportunities of  PAs can significantly increase the flow of tourists and sightseers.

Vsevolod Stepanitskiy, deputy director of the Department of State policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection Minprirody of Russia, said that development of tourism at the federal protected areas must be closely linked with the conservation of biological and landscape diversity.

From 2011 to 2014. in Russian reserves and national parks created 74 visitor center and 17 museums. A total there are 288 visitor centers and 121 museum 288 in protected areas.