Средне-Волжский комплексный биосферный резерват
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A picture is worth a thousand words

Bolshe-Ryazanski forestry of Samarskaya Luka National Park has a big holiday, a boar Mashka who lives in semi-free conditions gave birth to nine little boars. Mashka is not fully wild but she did prepare for the birth the animal way – she made a nest and covered it with grass. And now she relentlessly defends her descendants from the intruders, as she thinks herself. Little boars have marble-kind stripe color which will eventually change itself in 10 months. They don’t leave their momma at all, running after her, asking for milk and going under her belly to feel safe and warm in there. Boars are fed for about three months and then they start eating solid food. Mother is talking to her children by special boar language that is well understood by them almost right off the bat.

Watching wild animals is one of the first ways to improve as a good visitor of the wild life. Although Mashka isn’t happy with the new visitors, we still invite you to visit Russkaya Izba, to see the life of XVII-XIX century peasantry, drink herbal teas and watch wild life in natural environment for this viewing point was design specifically for tourists.