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The Day of the Fox

June 14 was the Day of the Fox dedicated to the World Environment Day. This holiday is held in Zhigulevsk is not the first time and is a popular and welcome among the residents, especially children. Because this day carried a lot of different contests, quizzes, competitions, which are dedicated to the fox, which is the mascot of Samarskaya Luka National Park.

The National Park is the organizer of this festival and holds the event with the support of the administration of Zhigulevsk. The main purpose of this environmental action is to attract attention of residents and visitors of Zhigulevsk to the National Park activities.

This year the event were attended by more than 400 pupils of kindergartens, school camps and other citizens. The weather was beautiful and the mood among all the participants too. They could try different types of games: active, intelligent and creative.

The holiday was a success!