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Molodetskiy mound and Dev'ya mountain route

On this route you will get acquainted with unique natural objects — Molodetskiy mound and Dev'ya mountain, legends and history connected with them. You will enjoy the panoramic views from the top of the mound, will take amazing photos in sake of good memories, will get a huge amount of information about this particular place and historical and cultural heritage of the National Park in general.

The route begins with a remarkable enter — beautiful carved wooden gates and sculptures of legendary fellow‐outlaw and amazon. There are two ecological paths, resting-places, WCs, parking place, picnic glade, etc. It’s available for almost everyone.

Molodetskiy mound has been attracting attention of famous scientists and travelers for many years. Locals have been creating songs, legends and ballades about it. Molodetskiy mound is strongly related to the names and actions of Stepan Razin and his atamans. Not far from the mound stands one of the oldest villages of Samarskaya Luka — Zhiguli.

The rout can be visited either by a tourist group or individually. There is an option of organized dinners or tea-parties for groups. People who are keen on guitar singing or just sitting by the fire with their friends can also find a cozy place for them there. There is a possibility to stay in tents on the coast or on the glade.