Средне-Волжский комплексный биосферный резерват
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Shiryaevo village and Mountain Verblyud route

On this route you will get acquainted with unique natural and historical objects — Shiryaevo village which lies at the mouth of the Shiryaevo valley — the most extensional and majestic valley of  Samarskaya Luka; also the mountain Verblyud, Popova mountain and Monastyrskaya mountain. An image of the old village Shiryaevo keeps the imprint of the past. There are still constructions in the village which were built in the XIXth century. In 1647 the village has already been present in the census. For a long time Shiryaevo had been a place of a short‐term rest for barge haulers. This place is also known for a living of famous Russian artists there — Ilya Repin and his friends — in 1870. There Repin worked on his painting “Barge haulers on the Volga‐river” Therefore the museum of Repin was founded in the village. Moreover, the villagers commemorate their fellow country‐man — a poet Alexander Abramov, who took a pseudonym Shiryaevets, in honour of his village. His poetry was appreciated by a famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin, he spoke about Shiryaevets respectfully and after they got acquainted became friends with him. In the house where Abramov lived there is a museum now.

At the entrance to the village takes place an information center of the national park. There you can buy souvenirs, book an excursion (including The tract Kamennaya Chasha) and get information about the routs of the national park. From the viewpoint on the Popova mountain you will have an overview on magnificent Zhigulevskiye Gates, Tsar’ov mound and Shiryaevo valley. Not far from there stands a memorial sign to Volzhskaya Bulgaria — an ancient state which existed on that land centuries ago. There you can take wonderful photos photos in sake of good memories.