Средне-Волжский комплексный биосферный резерват
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Ved'mino lake

This rout acquaints us with the history of the Bakhilovo village, tales and legends of Mordovians — Moksha — the founders of the village. The trail is the area around the lake, named Ved'mino, transformed into a fairytale place with mythological characters — a witch, a silvan, a merman and others. There are legends related with this place claiming that since ancient times there have been a lot of sorcerers and witches among the locals. They were healing people, eliminated the evil eye and other diseases, but they could also bedevil those who displeased them... Still the locals worship trees and respect pagan rites — tie ribbons to an oak — "Tree of Wishes". It is believed that any cherished desire or wished made by this ritual will certainly be fulfilled.

The information about the nature of these places — the animal and plant world — is also sapid: rare and endangered species in need of protection, and common ones but no less vulnerable and dependent on man's attitude to the environment.

The total length of the trail — 2km, travel time is about 2 hours (one kilometer to the lake and the way back). All along the trail there are signposts, information boards and equipped places to get rest. The route is available to any visitor and especially interesting to children. Visits are possible both by itself and as a part of the route "Shiryaevo Village and Mount Verblyud"